The Best Micro Wedding Venues in Washington

I may be biased as an elopement photographer here in Washington, but small celebrations with your closest group of loved ones are the ones that hold a special place for me. That’s not to say that a big wedding is negative in any way; if you’re the type of couple that loves a giant party, don’t let anything I say stop you from hosting your dream wedding! However, for those who want to opt for a more private experience, finding a venue can be tricky! When an elopement also doesn’t suit you, you’ll need a micro wedding venue that can handle the logistics of guests, cars, etc. 

That’s where this resource comes in! I’ve compiled information on 16 different micro wedding venues in Washington, so you can keep your celebration small but still party it up with your people in whatever way that looks like for you. 

My 3 Favorite Micro Wedding Venues

I’m kicking things off with 3 venues that I love in particular; these provide a classically Washington experience in beautiful locations. 

The Kingston House

Located: Kingston, WA

Why I Love It: This venue will feel completely private, since it’s located on 27 acres of gorgeous land. I work with the owner, Matt, on a sustainability organization for wedding professionals! He has a huge passion for sustainable events, and incorporates that while hosting weddings at his family home. Eco-conscious wedding celebrations are my jam!

Guest Capacity: up to 28 overnight guests, up to 100 if just for the day

Good Things to Know: Your reservation includes 2-night lodging for 14 people (an additional 14 can be added on). There are tents that can be put up outdoors in the event of weather, as well as on-site parking and event staff to help with setup and cleanup. 

Sun Mountain Lodge

Located: Winthrop, WA

Why I Love It: If you’re looking for a destination where your loved ones can relax, enjoy stunning mountain views, and witness a beautiful wedding in the outdoors, this is the place to be. There are dozens of hiking and biking trails nearby, plenty of rooms at the lodge and cabins off-property, and it feels like a private oasis near the Cascades.

Guest Capacity: There are 6 venue sites at Sun Mountain, and guest capacity ranges from 12 to 300 

Good Things to Know: Discounted room rates are available at the lodge for all your guests. In addition to your ceremony, you can tack on pre/post ceremony activities, a farewell brunch, rehearsal dinner, or request something else. 

Volunteer Park Conservatory

Located: Seattle, WA

Why I Love It: This venue is a Victorian glasshouse, a unique place that’s set apart from all the other parks in the area. Built in 1912, it’s held historic landmark status for a while now, modeled after London’s Crystal Palace. The greenhouses contain beautiful plant life, and the lawns of Olmsted Park outside are lovely. 

Guest Capacity: up to 25

Good Things to Know: You will have to obtain a permit from Seattle Parks & Rec to secure your date. This venue is only available in January, February, March, June, July, and August. This site is also only for ceremonies, not receptions!

Micro Wedding Venues for More Adventure

These micro wedding venues here in Washington have a more “adventure elopement” vibe than the others. They’re great options for when you like the concept of a wild elopement, but the logistical execution of an elopement isn’t feasible.

Wellspring Spa

Located: Mt. Rainier, WA

Why I Love It: Enchanting is the best word to describe Wellspring. It’s tucked away on a 10-acre property right at the base of Mt. Rainier, which gives you and your guests the option to explore the national park while also having the convenience of a traditional venue. 

Guest Capacity: up to 40 overnight guests, up to 200 if just for the day

Good Things to Know: You can book the use of hot tubs and saunas exclusively for your wedding, and the venue allows you to exercise 100% creative freedom in the layout, decor, and structure of your wedding day.

Emerald Forest

Located: Redmond, WA

Why I Love It: Fairytale forest, anyone? This venue feels like you’ve stepped straight into a storybook. You can have your ceremony on a wooden stage while your guests lounge in swinging pods, or have a serene forest ceremony.

Guest Capacity: up to 35 

Good Things to Know: This venue offers a honeymoon treehouse for you and your partner to stay a little longer for an additional fee. This is not an ADA-accessible venue. To get to the venue, only the spouses and vendors will be able to park at the forest. Guests will need to shuttle to the trailhead. 

Treehouse Point

Located: Issaquah, WA

Why I Love It: This venue is as magical as it sounds. You get exclusive access to the property for your celebration. A wedding in the trees is a true PNW experience! 

Guest Capacity: between 20-80

Good Things to Know: Your package includes overnight accommodations and breakfast for 20 of your guests. 

Alpine Lakes High Camp

Located: Leavenworth, WA

Why I Love It: Reserve a backcountry hut here (or all 9!) and you can get beautiful views and access to mountain peaks, alpine lakes, and Stevens Pass. You can plan lots of mountain activities during your micro wedding here, like hiking, skiing, mountain biking, etc.

Guest Capacity: You can book the entire property for up to 50 guests (29 beds in 9 cabins), and have an additional 24 day guests

Good Things to Know: You don’t have to rent the entire property, but this will make it a more exclusive experience!

Upscale & Urban Micro Wedding Venues

Almquist Family Greenhouse

Located: Seattle, WA

Why I Love It: This is a space where you can get married indoors and not worry at all about weather, but feel like you’re getting married outdoors! Entirely made of glass windows, the greenhouse at Almquist Winery is a sleek, modern slate for you to decorate exactly to your taste. 

Guest Capacity: The greenhouse can seat up to 50; other areas of the property can hold more

Good Things to Know: You can hold both/either your ceremony and reception here. They have a flexible indoor-outdoor plan in case you decide to take advantage of more locations on the property. 

Sole Repair Shop

Located: Capitol Hill, Seattle WA

Why I Love It: Indoor venues can often feel stuffy or dark. Sole Repair shop is a lofted space that feels roomier, and the exposed beams and wooden walls give it a unique rustic feel. 

Guest Capacity: up to 150

Good Things to Know: Tables, chairs, place settings are included in your reservation rental. 

The Micro Venue Seattle

Located: Ballard, Seattle WA

Why I Love It: What better venue for a micro wedding than one with “micro” built right into the name?? This is a newer venue space in Seattle, with bright light and a clean, minimalist space.

Guest Capacity: 10

Good Things to Know: All packages are personalized to meet your needs and aesthetic.

Other Micro Wedding Venues in WA

The rest of the micro wedding venues on my list of recommended venues don’t necessarily fit into a tidy category. But, they offer even more options for scenery, vibe, and space!

Fern Acres

Located: Forks, WA

Why I Love It: Misty, moody, magical. Moss-draped everything and huge trees give you a secluded oasis for your wedding. It’s just far enough from Seattle that my Seattle natives can feel like they’ve properly gotten away without having to go far. 

Guest Capacity: up to 60

Good Things to Know: You can get married here from May to September. 

Willows Lodge

Located: Woodinville, WA

Why I Love It: This is a modern lodge in Washington’s wine country. Just 30 minutes from Seattle, but a whole other world! This is an elegant wedding venue with lots of varied garden spaces to fit any vibe you might be after. 

Guest Capacity: from 12 to 250, depending on the space

Good Things to Know: Accommodations, catering, rentals, and more can all be added on.

Griffin House

Located: Hood River, OR

Why I Love It: I confess I’m cheating a little — I know this venue is in Oregon! But since it’s right on the border on the Columbia River Gorge, I have to include it. The views here are simply stunning, and the experience Griffin House provides is luxurious! 

Guest Capacity: up to 175

Good Things to Know: Overnight accommodations can be part of your package if you like! 

Captain Whidbey Inn

Located: Whidbey Island, WA

Why I Love It: This inn has been around since 1907. It sits right on the waterfront and gives you a cozy cabin feel for your celebration and stay.

Guest Capacity: up to 250

Good Things to Know: Accommodations can be added on for you and your guests. This space is also pet friendly!

Mountain Springs Lodge

Located: Leavenworth, WA

Why I Love It: The Cascade Mountains are something you can’t miss out on in Washington. What better way to experience them than to get married at the base of the range?

Guest Capacity: up to 30

Good Things to Know: Lodging can be added on separately to your reservation.

Brown Family Homestead

Located: Leavenworth, WA

Why I Love It: This is a charming countryside micro venue. Meadows, mountain cliffs, and Lake Wenatchee not far away…a dream destination! 

Guest Capacity: seats up to 150

Good Things to Know: Available wedding season runs from the second weekend in May to the second weekend in October. Accommodations are an optional extra.

Wow, 16 micro wedding venues is a lot to read through! If you still feel overwhelmed, have more questions, or need some more options for venues, reach out to me here! I have lots of resources in my back pocket and can’t wait to help you plan your perfect day (and photograph it too!).

Hi, I’m Marla!

I’m a full-time photographer based in Seattle who specializes in intimate weddings and elopements. Most of the weddings that I shoot take place in National Parks, but there’s just something about these lovely little venues that I adore. I’d love nothing more than to help you find the perfect spot for your wedding day, whether you’re planning on having 0 guests or 50!

My goal on your wedding day is to balance artistry with authenticity; giving you the most beautiful photos possible without turning your wedding day into a production. If you’re ready to start planning, I’d love to chat with you! View my pricing, or head directly to my contact page.


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