A couple leans against each other while sitting on a large rock in front of the mountains of Mt. Rainier National Park after months of wondering where to elope.

Where To Elope

One of the most exciting things about planning an elopement is that you can tie the knot virtually anywhere! Since you're not dealing with venues' minimum guest counts, you can choose a place that really reflects who the two of you are and how you want your marriage to begin. But because “where should we elope?” is such an open ended question, with potential answers all over the world, it can be hard to get out of analysis paralysis and start narrowing it down!

This guide will help you pick an elopement location and decide on the perfect spot to say your vows.




Distance From Home


Dog Friendliness

A bride and groom chose where to elope based on where their dog was allowed; this picture shows the labrador retriever looking happy while his mom and dad pet him, smiling in their wedding clothes


Accessibility Needs





A groom kisses his wife's neck as she faces away from the camera towards a golden sunset over rolling sand dunes
A bride and groom snuggle up into each other's arms and smile in a green forest
A black, tattooed bride has one arm around her groom and one arm playing with the tulle of her wedding dress on the shore of cannon beach
A groom wraps his arms around his bride as the two of them gaze out at where they chose to elope; a mirrored lake reflecting trees and mountains

Step Three:

Narrow Down Your Top Elopement Location Picks

Once you have a general elopement location picked out, it’s time to get specific! While social media can be great for finding cool places, I recommend avoiding it when you’re looking for the exact spot where you want to say your vows. Those places you see are going to be popular, and likely crowded – so try to find spots that are more off the beaten path!

All Trails is a great resource, and you can filter hikes by length, difficulty, dog friendliness, and even the types of scenery! You can also explore virtually on Google Maps or Google Earth, or go adventure in person if you’re nearby.

An elopement photographer looks over her shoulder in the mystical Hoh Rainforest, demonstrating a perfect spot for couples wondering where to elope

Step Four: Connect With an Elopement Photographer

The best piece of advice I can give you for picking a location is to connect with an elopement photographer as soon as you start dreaming about where to elope!

Finding hidden gems and secluded spots can be easier said than done, but an elopement photographer can handle that for you! I talk to each couple to figure out what they’re looking for – you give me your priorities, your dreams, your open ended ideas, and I come back with a list of location recommendations that’s personalized to you and your day.

An elopement photographer holds her backpack strap on her shoulder while she smiles at the camera with a foggy, white background. She was scouting locations in national parks to help her clients decide where to elope.


A few of my favorite elopement locations...

A couple stands on a large boulder far away from the camera at the place they had chosen where to elope, in North Cascades National Park
A couple holds hands and looks in opposite directions with
A bride holds a large, fall-toned bouquet in Olympic National Park
A couple walks hand in hand down a trail on their elopement day, Mt. Rainier looming in the background

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A man leads his bride towards the massive rock formation jutting out of the sea on the PNW coastline
A groom cradles his bride in his arms on their elopement day at the bonneville salt flats
A couple stands at the bow of a Seattle ferry on their elopement day
A couple that needed help figuring out where to elope stands peacefully on a small bridge together, perfectly framed by green trees

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