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The Green Bride Guide states that the average wedding produces 400 pounds of garbage and 63 tons of CO2. That means weddings are responsible for creating about a billion pounds of waste every year! So it goes without saying that elopements are more environmentally friendly, but we don't stop there. You'll receive resources like my 20+ page digital guide on How To Leave No Trace that'll help make sure your dream day doesn't negatively impact the gorgeous natural landscapes that we'll be exploring.

Let's talk about it: the wedding industry isn't always accepting of diversity. Blogs tend to feature mostly straight, white couples, photographers don't always take the time to learn how to edit and honor all skin tones, there are Queer couples that are still being denied service, and people are still getting married on plantations. I'm not here for that bullshit. No matter what you look like, where you're from, or how you identify, I'm here to give you a kick-ass elopement experience that feels true to you.

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Two women in wedding dresses hold hands at their Washington elopement, framed by tall, green trees

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How To Elope

Wondering where to start on this whole planning process? You're in the right place! This is an overview on the steps you can take to plan your dream elopement.

How Long Is An Elopement?

Think an elopement is supposed to just be an hour of vows & pics before you call it a day? Think again. This is all about what goes into an elopement day, how to craft a timeline, and what your day could look like.

If you have some big picture questions about eloping; if you're not quite sure where to start, or where to go from here? These blog posts are for you!

What To Wear When You Elope

This is all about what kind of wedding attire will serve you the best; for practicality & the best photos possible! Covers dresses, suits for any gender, and shoes!

How To Elope With Family

Can't imagine tying the knot with your closest loved ones present? Or want to elope just the two of you, but want to include your family somehow? Here's all the ways your family or chosen family can be involved.


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