A bride and groom hug and kiss at their Mt Rainier elopement, with the mountain in the background

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Dreaming of the type of landscape only Washington state can offer you? When you picture your perfect elopement, do you see snowcapped mountains around you? Mossy trees, iconic wildflowers? Jagged coastlines? Alpine lakes? Washington's got all of that and more.

This is my corner of the Pacific Northwest that I call home. I fell in love with these varied landscapes (and the West coast way of life) in 2019, and knew that I had to make the move out here. Between our incredible national parks, gorgeous state parks and forest land, and the quaint towns that feel like hidden gems, the PNW is an eloper's paradise. As a Washington elopement photographer, I absolutely love getting to photograph my couples in the types of landscapes that epic love stories deserve.

An interracial bride and groom have their arms around each other, foreheads touching at their Washington state elopement at Mt Rainier

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A Washington elopement photographer smiles on a trail in Mount Rainier National Park

Ready to meet your Washington elopement photographer?

Hi! I'm Marla, and I'm so pumped that you're here considering an elopement in my home state of Washington.

I'm a photographer for the couples who want a wedding day that feels like the real them. The couples that want gorgeous, timeless pictures to tell the whole story of their big day. Those who can appreciate the finer things in life... but value fun and adventure.

I'm here to guide you through this whole process– from choosing the perfect location to say your vows, securing permits, and crafting a timeline, all the way to that celebratory hug after you've leveled up from fiancé(e) to spouse.

Washington Elopement Stories

I'm planning my own Washington elopement, so I know where you're at right now.

As soon as my partner and I decided it was time to start planning our own wedding day, I immediately gained a much deeper understanding of this process that I guide my couples through– except now, I'm on your side of things.

So I understand your excitement, your trepidation, your hopes and fears and dreams of a perfect elopement day. I know what it's like to feel overwhelmed by the options at your fingertips– there are so many beautiful locations, so many photographers to choose from.

It's led me to refine some aspects of my own business to suit YOUR needs even better. Because your big day isn't about me. It's not about my Instagram aesthetic, or business goals, or artistic ego. It's about making your elopement the best damn day of your life, because you deserve nothing less. So let's do this thing.

A woman in a maroon sweater looks around the Hoh Rainforest in Olympic National Park, holding her photography gear on her back.

Best Places to Elope in Washington

Mt. Rainier National Park

Known for: wildflowers in the summer, snow most of the year at elevation, cute A-frame cabins nearby

~2 hours away from Sea-Tac Airport

Lots of options for groups under 13 people

Olympic National Park

Features: dramatic coastlines, lush green rainforests, lakes, snow-capped peaks, and more.

Spans across most of the Olympic peninsula– nearly a million acres.

North Cascades National Park

Incredible mountain views

~2 hours away from Sea-Tac Airport

Unlike most other National Parks, there is no fee to enter! There is a $50 application fee for a special use permit in order to wed inside the park.

Snoqualmie National Forest

There are places that don't require permits for small events!

Lots of options that are off the beaten path– your photos won't look like everybody else's

Tons of cute Airbnbs + other vacation rentals


A unique German village about 2 hours away from Sea-Tac airport. 

A perfect spot to visit for year-round Christmas vibes, or if you want to feel like you're in Germany. Or for gorgeous lakes and grassy fields.

Cabin Elopement

If you're looking for something low-key, or searching for a home base for your elopement day, Washington has got some cute freaking cabins. 

I can help you find the perfect rental that'll allow a few guests, or your pup, for an intimate ceremony.


You didn't think I'd forget about Washington's biggest city, did you? Seattle has plenty of city parks, outdoor venues, and urban spots for elopements.

Plenty of options for all size parties, from venues to airbnbs and plenty in between.

More Washington Elopement Locations

Washington State Elopement Packages

A washington elopement photographer in a black jumpsuit squats with her camera, photographing subjects off-screen

All packages include...

  • Helping you pick the perfect location

  • Walking you through obtaining any necessary permits

  • Advising you on what kind of clothing will look & function best for your elopement

  • Recommending reputable vendors that I trust and you'll love

  • Deciding what activities to include

  • Creating a timeline for your day

  • Curating a list of Airbnbs, resorts, or campsites for your stay

  • Giving you resources to help narrow down your invite list

  • Providing you with a packing list + other prep guides

  • Signing your marriage documents

  • Calming your nerves

  • Fluffing your dress, straightening your tie, or smoothing your hair

  • Documenting the entire story of your day, from your very favorite moments to the ones you didn't even witness yourself (like what your partner looked like getting ready)

  • And making you feel valued and supported throughout your entire day, because you deserve a stress-free, unforgettable experience!

What sets me apart from other Washington elopement photographers?

There's no limit to the number of photos I deliver. You won't get all the repeated photos, the outtakes, the blinks and yawns, but you will get every sweet moment that my camera captures. There's no reason for me to hold anything back– so expect hundreds of photos from your day.

When you book with me, not only will you get customized location guides & timelines, but also access to my library of resources. Like a 90+ page Ultimate Elopement Guide, and a 20+ page document on how to Leave No Trace when you're getting married outside, to protect the environment.

All travel is included throughout the entire state of Washington! You won't be billed for flights, rental cars, gas, hotel, meals, or pet-sitting fees. Anywhere I can get with a ferry ticket, commercial airline ticket, or a 2WD vehicle, I'm there! I'm like Amazon Prime– I come with free shipping ;)

I read the room in order to match your energy– which I can tell you is an underrated skill. Extroverted, overjoyed? Awesome, let's pop some champagne and pump up the party! Introverted, feeling emotional? I'll share in your quiet joy or offer a tissue for your tears.

An interracial couple leans against each other, dressed in wedding attire between tall trees and greenery at their Washington elopement

What do you get with me as your Washington elopement photographer?

  • Unlimited consultations to turn your dreams into a plan

  • Continuous photography with an expert elopement photographer who will help you look and feel your best

  • Custom location & activity suggestions to create a unique timeline

  • Guidance on attire, guest lists, honeymoon plans, Leaving No Trace to protect the environment...

  • All travel costs included– you can elope anywhere in the state with no extra fees

  • Optional complimentary officiant services

don't just take it from me...

A young bride and groom smile at each other at their Washington wedding

"We loved working with Marla and will forever treasure the most special moments she captured on camera."

Kaylee and Levi


A white couple with dark hair in wedding attire touch foreheads at their elopement

"If you need an elopement photographer drop everything and book Marla right now!!"

Lauren and Adam


A couple celebrates their elopement with champagne!

"Choosing Marla as my wedding photographer was the best decision."

Patricia and Bobby


a little bit more about marla manes photography....

A washington elopement photographer smiles at the camera with her boyfriend, with Mount Rainier in the background

- I'm a values-based business. I infuse my passion for environmental sustainability, inclusivity, and social justice into everything that I do, and am constantly looking for ways to improve this aspect of my business!

- I'm a professional traveler (no, really– my first job was as an international tour guide) and have been to 30 countries and 47 states. Why do you care? Because I can handle anything you throw at me! You want to get married somewhere I've never been? Awesome, you'll still get kick-ass pictures! Weather throws a wrench in our plan A? Bring it on! Cake artist is a no-show? I've never decorated a cake before, but I'll figure out a way to get it done. 

- I will do everything in my power to make you feel comfortable during our time together and give you amazing photos–– no matter the color of your skin, your gender identity, your sexual preferences, religion, or size.

  you deserve the elopement day of your dreams.  

 the only question is– what does that look like for you? 

Have more questions? Ready to book?