Lauren & Adam’s Intimate Vashon Island Elopement

We’ve all had to learn to roll with the punches recently – and when the pandemic threw a wrench in Lauren and Adam’s plans to elope in Hawaii, they did just that! Their plan B was a gorgeous, intimate Vashon Island elopement, where they tied the knot at Adam’s grandparents’ property surrounded by their closest family and friends.

Getting Ready

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If there’s one tip I can give you for your getting ready photos, it’s to choose a space with good lighting! Big windows and natural light are ideal, but if there’s a balcony or patio outside for a few photos, it will make a world of difference. These two got dressed and ready for the ceremony separately before heading off to the ferry for their Vashon Island elopement.

A father tightens his son's tie on his elopement day out of focus, with the son's reflection pictured in a mirror

First Look on the Ferry

Since I moved from the east coast, I was a little shook when I learned that in Washington, you can drive your car onto a big ferry boat that will take you to one of the many islands in the state. Lauren and Adam had to take the ferry over for their Vashon Island elopement, so the two of them and their guests loaded up the cars and headed out.

You know how they say it’s the journey, not the destination? I definitely think that’s true when you’re taking the ferry – being on the water and standing on one of the decks is just magical, and it’s a great experience on its own! Lauren and Adam had their first look on the ferry, seeing each other in their wedding attire for the first time.

A woman approaches her groom, ready for him to see her for the first time on their elopement day
A view of a bride and groom embracing on the ferry to Vashon Island

After we arrived on Vashon Island, we headed to the beach! We made our way through a beautiful forested path to get to the shore, where we were able to take our time making pictures together.

untitled image
untitled image

Vashon Island Elopement Ceremony

After some photos along the driftwood covered, sandy beach, it was time for the main event! Lauren and Adam exchanged vows surrounded by their loved ones, proving that this is what eloping is all about – getting married to the love of your life, with the people (and animals) you love most by your side. It’s hard to imagine any other plans that could have made this moment any more special, or any more beautiful.

A bearded groom gazes lovingly at his bride while they walk down the aisle
A man and a woman share their first married kiss at their elopement ceremony!

It was a gorgeous sunny day, and after the ceremony, they set up a little table, and celebrated with cake and champagne.

A round chocolate cake that says, Congrats Adam & Lauren

But before we headed to the reception, Lauren and Adam let their guests go before they walked back down to the shore for a private first dance.

untitled image
untitled image

Vashon Island Elopement Reception

To celebrate, the couple and their guests went to a local restaurant! Bramble House on Vashon Island is all about using local growers and local produce, which means their menu changes with the seasons. The entire space was built in an old 1940s house, so the atmosphere is cozy and inviting, and the perfect place to celebrate the start of your marriage. It’s a unique spot, and one of many local gems around Vashon Island. The couple and their guests ended the night with dinner and toasts, celebrating things becoming officially official!

A menu for a reception dinner on Vashon Island

Ready to Plan an Elopement?

Eloping isn’t always about the most epic scenery or the most exotic locations – sometimes it’s about being close to home with the people you love most! This Vashon Island elopement was nothing short of perfect. With gorgeous scenery, the most wonderful people, and of course, getting married, it was everything Lauren and Adam could have asked for!

If you’re dreaming of your own intimate, meaningful wedding day, I’d love to help you plan it. Shoot me a message and let’s do the dang thing!

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