Tips for Planning Your Seattle Proposal

Are you gearing up to propose to your partner? Let me be the first to congratulate you — this is such an exciting step on your journey together, and I’m sure you’re so excited! A proposal can be as laid-back or as extravagant as you want, depending on what works best for you and your partner. I’ve photographed a lot of proposals over the years in addition to weddings and elopements, so I’m super excited to share my expertise with you for a Seattle proposal! I have location recommendations in case you’re looking for a special spot, as well as some tips for how to coordinate the surprise, and the best ways to have a photographer document the occasion!

Locations for a Seattle Proposal

Do You Have A Spot That’s Meaningful to You?

Before I get to recommending anywhere specific, I want to ask you this! Where did you have your first date? Do you return there a lot? Do you have a favorite place to hangout together? Spend sunny weekends somewhere specific? A location that has significance to you and your partner is the absolute best place to pop the question. 

A client of mine recently proposed at Terry Pettus Park. The couple frequently takes their dog there for walks, and it’s become a big part of their lives! Proposing somewhere familiar and special also has the added bonus of being an easy cover story — you don’t have to fake a reason to be there and make your partner suspicious about what you might be up to! The whole thing stays a surprise this way. 

But, of course, it’s also usually relatively easy to get your partner out and about to a cool spot under the pretense of having a date day, or a normal outing! A few locations I love for this scenario are listed here. 

Discovery Park

This is a classic Seattle experience. Proposals at Discovery Park are popular for locals and visitors, for good reason! You can propose on the beach or on the forest trails here, and I love the idea of making a day of your proposal, bringing a picnic or going on a gorgeous hike. 

The Space Needle

I know that the Space Needle is usually a big tourist attraction, but a proposal at this Seattle icon is an absolutely epic experience. The views from the Needle are unique and beautiful, and you now have a beautiful, wonderful memory tied to this place, too!

Kerry Park

I love Kerry Park for the views of Elliot Bay, Mt. Rainier, and the Central City. Sunset is especially beautiful here. There’s nothing like a gorgeous location to use as the backdrop for your proposal; an epic place for an epic love! 

Other Tips for a Seattle Proposal

How to Propose: 2 Easy Options

Planning a proposal seems simple in theory — but the nerves and the details can be daunting! Don’t worry. I’ve photographed a lot of proposals here in Seattle, and I have some tips to help you. 

Typically, I advise two different routes for your proposal: a surprise photoshoot after you’ve popped the question, or a surprise proposal during a planned photoshoot! 

Having a photoshoot planned and keeping the proposal a surprise may be a little easier; you’ll both already be dressed in things you want to be photographed in, and you’ll have a great cover for why you’re going out to a specific place at a certain time. From there, it’s a seamless process to get down on one knee, and to have the whole thing documented!

If you opt for a complete surprise, make sure you have an excuse that won’t raise suspicion. Something like, “Hey, I promised a friend that we’d…” or “We have to walk the dog before we head to brunch!” You can coordinate a time and place with a photographer, who will arrive before you and either hide or look busy elsewhere until they see you propose! (Don’t worry, we’re very good at being sneaky!!) 

Hire a Photographer to Help You Plan

I firmly believe that you deserve to have your proposal documented — this is such a special memory, and even if you don’t turn it into a big production with lots of loved ones involved, being able to look back on the joy of the surprise is priceless. 

Plus, a photographer has lots of experience with proposals, so they’re the perfect sidekick to help you plan all those details and make sure your secret is safe until it’s time to actually propose. 

I love capturing these moments — if you’re planning a proposal here in Seattle, reach out to me here! I can’t wait to plan the surprise with you.


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