Mushroom Elopement Styled in the Snoqualmie National Forest

This styled shoot shows off just how gorgeous a Snoqualmie National Forest elopement can be– and you don’t have to go very far to find this kind of beauty. Believe it or not, all of these forest portraits were taken just on the side of the road!

Mushrooms are endlessly fascinating – they look like plants but aren’t plants, they can grow in complete darkness, they’re great for the environment, and they come in all shapes and colors. There’s a huge variety of different mushrooms that grow in Washington, and secret spots all over the state where foragers come to gather fungi.

For this styled elopement, I took the photos, and a team of florists came together to create a shoot based on mushrooms! I worked with Sweet Lu Florals, Drawn To Flowers, Mother Maria Flower Co, Moon Flower Design, and Petals by Piper. Makeup was done by Amanda Dang, and this gorgeous gown is by Daci!

A bride and groom stand amongst the tall trees, smiling at their Snoqualmie National Forest elopement

Snoqualmie National Forest Elopements

The scenery of the Snoqualmie National Forest elopement was perfect for the woodsy vibe we were going for! The side of the road worked for us, but if you’re planning to elope and are looking to plan a bit more in advance, there are plenty of gorgeous spots in the national forest.

This is one of the most visited forests in the entire country, and with the glacier covered peaks, wildflower meadows, and old growth forests, it’s easy to see why! The forest stretches from the Canadian border to Mt. Rainier National Park, but the most popular spots are between Seattle and Snoqualmie Pass. The proximity to the city makes these elopement locations convenient, and they’re definitely beautiful!

Another added perk? There are a ton of Airbnbs & other gorgeous rental properties in the area– perfect to serve as a home base for your elopement! That’s where Kai and Garret got ready together.

A close up, black and white image of a groom tying the back of his fiancee's wedding gown as they get ready for their elopement together

Where To Elope in the Snoqualmie National Forest

Many of the Snoqualmie National Forest elopement locations are easy to reach. Gold Creek Pond is one of my favorites – the “pond” is more like a beautiful blue lake, surrounded by mountains. It’s just a short walk from the parking lot, and accessible year round! It’s perfect for those with mobility concerns, and has views of Washington’s lakes, mountains, and tall trees.

Another great spot is Franklin Falls – a waterfall at the end of a popular hiking trail. In the summer, the trail to Franklin Falls is only a mile long. In the winter, the snow makes the hike a little longer, but at the end there’s a jaw dropping frozen waterfall!

There are plenty of other scenic overlooks (you can even just explore and find side of the road spots like we did), along with longer hikes like Snow Lake or Kendall Katwalk.

Another great perk of a Snoqualmie National Forest elopement is that most of the time, you don’t need an elopement permit. Definitely double check, because it can get hard to tell where the borders are! For example, many people refer to Gold Creek Pond as being part of Snoqualmie (myself included!), but it is technically managed by the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, who does require a permit. The rules are changing as spots get more popular, but most national forest land usually allows small ceremonies without a permit!

A bride and groom stand amongst the trees in the Snoqualmie National Forest at their elopement ceremony

National forests are usually right outside of national parks, but have way fewer restrictions, and are less popular! So as an added bonus, you’ll see fewer crowds on your elopement day – and unlike national parks, the trails are almost always dog friendly.

A bride and groom stand amongst the trees in the Snoqualmie National Forest at their elopement, laughing
A bride plays with the flowy skirt of her dress atop a rock at her snoqualmie national forest elopement
A bride and groom lean against each other romantically at their Snoqualmie National Forest elopement

Eloping in the National Forest?

If you’re thinking of tying the knot in Snoqualmie National Forest, I’m here to help you plan! My job as an elopement photographer is to walk you through the entire planning process as your friend and guide. I give you recommendations for places to elope, help you with permits and marriage licenses, give you tips and advice and things to do, and anything you could possibly need to plan your perfect elopement day.

Contact me if you’re ready to start planning your elopement!

A bride and groom lean against each other romantically as they lean in for a kiss at their Snoqualmie National Forest elopement

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