Elopements have been growing in popularity for years, but I doubt they’ve ever been as popular as they are right now! With micro-weddings, mini-monies, intimate weddings, and the rise of the Adventure Elopement, it’s clear that this isn’t just a fad– the wedding landscape is shifting. And despite what parents may think, it’s not just the courthouse anymore- dream bigger than that. Your grandparents’ backyard? Cute! Your favorite brewery where you first made eyes at your love? Yes! A national park you’ve never explored before? Sign me up!

The point is, more and more people are realizing that an elopement gives you more options than a traditional wedding day, and making the switch. Whether you’re being cautious with your guest count in light of COVID, want to break the mold, or just don’t want to wait any longer to be married, eloping seems like the perfect answer to so many questions these days. So! Wondering if an elopement might be right for you? Check out my top five reasons to elope!

Reasons To Elope:

5. You’re a romantic at heart

You want this day to be about one thing: celebrating your true love. Who cares about picking the perfect appetizers for all of your second cousins to enjoy? You’re getting married so you can be with the one you love, forever. Let’s focus on that!

4. You value experiences over things

Not that a traditional wedding is a thing, but you typically do spend your money on a bunch of things when you’re planning. Table numbers and place cards and centerpieces and invitation suites and decorations… If you’ve ever looked at a price tag and thought, “I could fly to ______ with that money”, then I have just the thing for you…

3. You and your love are partners

You work well with one another, you’re a team. You don’t want to handle seating charts while they pick the hors d’oeuvres– you want to embark on this journey together. After all, you do more than just hang out together, you accomplish goals together. Planning an elopement tends to be very intentional, as you’re making choices together that reflect who you are and what you want without so much concern for outside expectations.

2. You just don’t feel like a big wedding is very you.

The idea of a pouffy white dress or black tuxedo, violins playing as you walk down an aisle, all eyes on you? Not exactly your thing. Or maybe that’s exactly what you’ve been dreaming of your whole life, but for some reason, you’re wondering what else is out there? I get you. Growing up, all I wanted was a huge, classic princess wedding with everybody I knew in attendance. But once I started looking at photos of adventure elopements, I couldn’t remember what seemed so special about a traditional wedding in the first place.

And the best reason you– yes, you!– should elope?

1. You know you want to, you’re just looking for reasons why!

If you clicked on this article, guess what? You were hoping to see something that resonated with you. If you’ve been waiting for a push in a new direction, or wishing for some sort of sign, this is it. Take the plunge!

Still not sold on these reasons to elope? Check out how to elope in Washington state, some urban elopement inspiration, or let me know you need more convincing and I’ll send you personalized suggestions on where you should elope with your love!! Let’s start planning your best day ever!♥



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