Rooftop Engagement Photos in Seattle

Your engagement session gives you a fun opportunity to capture the two of you and your relationship in all of it’s post-ring, pre-wedding bliss! It should reflect the two of you, and the spot you choose to take your engagement photos is one way to showcase who you are. If you want an urban vibe, rooftop engagement photos are perfect – giving you an epic backdrop of the city skyline! 

Here in Seattle there are plenty of spots where you can take rooftop engagement photos, so here are some tips to plan your session.

A couple dressed fashionably in black and tan stand in front of the seattle skyline during their rooftop engagement photos

Seattle Rooftop Engagement Photo Locations

First, you’ll need to find a rooftop! Here are a few ideas for places where you can take rooftop engagement photos in Seattle.

An Apartment Building

One of the first places to consider when you’re thinking about rooftop engagement photos is an apartment building! Of course, you can’t just wander up to an apartment rooftop most of the time, but if your building has one, that’s an easy choice for an engagement session. You can also brainstorm and ask your friends to borrow their rooftops! Especially downtown, there are countless buildings that will give you an epic view of the city.

A Seattle engagement photographer had her own rooftop engagement photos taken, she's sitting on a bench with her partner laying his head in her lap, a sunlit city skyline behind them
this is me & my honey on our rooftop, taken by the wonderful Lauren Shrader!

Bell Street Pier Rooftop Deck

One of the most iconic places for rooftop engagement photos in Seattle is the Bell Street Pier, also known as Pier 66. This spot is accessible to the public, so it’s a great go-to if you want incredible views of the water and the mountains in the distance, along with stunning views of downtown Seattle’s skyline!

A smiling couple walks towards their Seattle photographer during their rooftop engagement photos

Restaurants and Bars

There are also a lot of restaurants, hotels, and bars with rooftop views in Seattle – you’ll need to ask for permission to take your engagement photos (and maybe buy a meal or a few drinks), but many of these spots will let you snap some photos, as long as you aren’t disturbing other customers!

Here are a few spots that have a scenic rooftop in Seattle:

Parking Garages

This one’s my personal favorite– parking garages are the perfect place for rooftop engagement photos! It’s a space neutral enough to keep all the attention on you, and unique enough to make sure that it’s never boring. You can dress it up or dress it down, and even just use it as a starting point since, by it’s very nature, it’s near other things.

A couple dressed fashionably in black and tan stand in front of the seattle skyline during their rooftop engagement photos

Tips for Rooftop Engagement Photos

If you want to take your engagement photos on a rooftop, here are some tips to get the best out of your experience! 

Embrace the Wind

First, there will likely be wind, especially if you choose a rooftop near the Seattle waterfront. The good news is that windswept hair looks absolutely stunning in photos, and if you want to wear a long, flowy dress, those look great in the wind too! Embrace the messy hair and enjoy the moment, and you’ll have so much fun!

A smiling couple walks towards their Seattle photographer during their rooftop engagement photos

Plan for Sunrise or Sunset

The lighting is best for photos at sunrise and sunset. Midday lighting is often harsh (if the sun actually comes out that day), and creates shadows on your faces – so scheduling your engagement photos for the beginning or end of the day, when the light is soft and pretty will ensure amazing photos! Plus, the Seattle skyline looks extra beautiful when the sky is lighting up in hues of pink.

If seeing a lot of other people is a concern, opting for sunrise will also give you much more privacy for your engagement session! You’re guaranteed to have the rooftop to yourself – or at the very least, mostly to yourself that early in the morning.

Hire a Seattle Photographer

As a photographer based in Seattle, part of my job is location scouting! So if you book your engagement session with me, I’ll give you a personalized list of recommendations for gorgeous rooftop spots in Seattle where you can go for your engagement photos.

Contact me to schedule your rooftop engagement photos!

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Hi, I’m Marla!

I’m an elopement photographer based in Seattle, and I love any opportunity to get a cute couple in front of my camera! I live right in the city and know tons of spots around here– especially some cute rooftops 😉

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I LOVE how informative and lovely your blog posts are! Seattle is seriously the most gorgeous city and I love that you know all the best spots for those incredible views. Adding to the list of reasons why I think it always rocks to hire someone local! Adore this!

Great tips for rooftop photoshoots! I love rooftop photoshoots and this will help for when I do one in Seattle 🙂

I am an absolute sucker for rooftop sessions – the pictures you put in this post are amazing!!!!

Rooftop photos have such a cool vibe! These are some great tips!

Such a great resource! I’m not usually a big city person, but wow these are awesome! 😍

What a great resource for urban photos in Seattle!

Such a great resource! I’m not usually a big city person, but wow these are awesome! 😍

Absolutely love this! So many great options for going the more urban route in a place where most people only think of the outdoors. Seattle has so many cool downtown spots and you nailed the locations!

I’m saving these tips for sure! I always want to photograph a rooftop photo session – i just haven gotten any interest yet so far but this looks so cool! 🙂


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