Urban Anniversary Session in Greenwich Village

Daniel and Anikó flew into New York from Hungary about a year after they tied the knot for a belated honeymoon celebration, and you know they weren't about to leave without getting photos taken! I've always dreamt of shooting in Manhattan's West Village– every posh urbanite's homebase dream– and we agreed to meet on a Saturday afternoon for our little adventure. It was one of the last remnants of normalcy before NYC was named epicenter of COVID-19 in the United States– there were still some people out and about, but the streets were strangely quiet.

The lack of crowds, though, only added to our excitement. We had the roads to ourselves, so with few cars to worry about, it felt like we had free rein of the city! We met in Washington Square Park and headed west. Once we reached the iconic brownstones (you know the ones– the townhouses with a little stairwell up to the front door?) we began our photographic tour of Greenwich Village and made some magic.