Rustic Wedding Portrait Session in Tampa

Some days, I think, "I love my job!" and other days I think, "I'm having too much fun to call this a job." This day fell into the latter category.

Mandy and Chaz have been married for a while now, but they were kind enough to get all dolled up in wedding attire for a day of styled shoots I attended in Tampa! Mandy was a vision in a gorgeous gown from Malindy Elene and Chaz made our photoshoot into the perfect date- his eyes never left Mandy.

Can we talk about this man and how he absolutely rocks this garnet suit?

(I LOVE colored groom's suits! Men's fashion can be so killer!)

I'm so in love with all of these looks that these two were serving! You can tell how much fun they were having just looking at the pictures- and all it took were some fancy outfits, a row of trees with good lighting, and a third wheel to facilitate + capture the magic (oh hey, that's me!)

And really, that's all you ever need; without the dress, without the suit, without the bouquet of flowers or trendy hat, these pictures would still shine with love and beauty. Give me a couple in love and a little sunshine and we'll get together and create something wonderful.