Romantic Engagement Session in Miami's South Pointe Park

Just about a month before Rita + Ezequiel tied the knot, we met up for a little engagement shoot on what may have been the busiest weekend of 2020– I don't frequent South Pointe Park on Miami Beach often, but R+E said it was probably the most packed they'd ever seen it. I couldn't find parking for a full 30 minutes!

But after securing a spot and chugging some water to release the post-traffic stress, we found each other, spent a few minutes getting comfortable, and got started!

The way that they looked at each other was pure magic.

And their smiles were contagious.

And now, they're married and enjoying their happy-ever-after. (Yes, I was raised on Disney movies, but come on, a couple this beautiful is automatically practically royalty!)

I absolutely can't wait to get back into the swing of things, and make some more memories with couples like this! Thanks and congratulations to Rita and Ezequiel! <3