Mt. Rainier Elopement Guide - How to Plan a Mt. Rainier Wedding

Whether you hike to the top of the snow capped stratovolcano or you wander the surrounding lakes, forests, waterfalls, and wildflower meadows, it’s easy to see why Mt. Rainier is featured on Washington’s license plates, and why the national park draws over 2 million visitors each year! If you’ve decided that a traditional wedding isn’t for you, and that you want to get married amongst the incredible natural beauty that Washington state has to offer, a Mt. Rainier elopement might be the perfect way to ensure you kick off your marriage with an unforgettable adventure.

Keep reading this Mt. Rainier elopement guide to get the scoop on how to plan your one of a kind, stress-free, intimate wedding at Mt. Rainier National Park!

A man and woman in wedding attire kiss deeply at their elopement on Mt Rainier

Mt. Rainier National Park Weather - the Best Time to Elope at Mt. Rainier

When you’re deciding on a date for your elopement ceremony, you’ll have a lot to consider - but the weather will be one of the most important factors, because the time of year you visit Mt. Rainier National Park will have a huge impact on your experience!

Winter at Mt. Rainier

Winter comes early in the mountains, and starting around late October, the park is covered in a blanket of snow. This is the best time for a Mt. Rainier elopement if your goal is to avoid crowds - and if you wear layers and are prepared with some hand warmers and hot beverages, eloping amongst this winter wonderland can be a magical experience. Keep in mind that many of the park’s roads close for the winter, and the ones that remain open may have unexpected closures if snow piles up faster than it can get plowed!

Spring at Mt. Rainier

As the snow begins to melt, the lower elevation areas of Mt. Rainier National Park erupt in wildflowers, and the waterfalls show off for visitors. Higher elevation spots are usually still covered in snow - so if you have your heart set on a strenuous hike, this may not be the best time to elope. But, if you want to explore in lower altitudes before the summer crowds pour in, April through June offers the opportunity to do so! The weather can be a little unpredictable in spring - some days are warm and sunny, while others see flurries of snow - so be sure to bring layers!

Summer at Mt. Rainier

July and August are without a doubt the most popular months to visit Mt. Rainier National Park. The snow has mostly melted all throughout the park, the weather is warm and perfect for hiking, and tourists flock to see one of Washington’s most incredible views up close. If your Mt. Rainier elopement involves hiking, I recommend getting married in the summer - but to avoid some of the crowds, elope on a weekday, and plan your ceremony for sunrise!

Fall at Mt. Rainier

Autumn is pretty short at Mt. Rainier. September and some of October can offer opportunities to spot the leaves as they change color, and to enjoy some crisp mountain air as the crowds begin to clear out. But snow flurries can start as early as September, and accumulation usually begins in October - so be prepared for possible last minute road closures, and as always, wear layers!

Mt. Rainier Wedding Permit

No matter how small your elopement ceremony is, you will need a permit for your Mt. Rainier wedding. Permit information, along with the application, can be found here. There is a $60 application fee, and the park requires that you apply at least four weeks in advance to ensure they can process your application and mail your permit!

Mt. Rainier Entrance Fees

Though you have a wedding permit, you will still need to pay the regular entrance fees to get into the park! You can purchase your pass at the entrance, or ahead of time online at $30 per car. If you visit national parks often, it may be better to get an America the Beautiful pass, which will get you into any national recreation site in the country for an entire year, for just $80!

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Mt. Rainier Wedding Venues

One of the best things about elopement is that nature is your “venue!” Instead of being confined to the walls of a traditional venue, you get to choose from countless locations in the park.

The size of your elopement will determine which places in the park you can use for your ceremony - if your group is under 13 people (including vendors), you can get married almost anywhere! Groups of 13 - 24 can use predetermined locations along trails, while groups over 25 will be limited to roadside locations and amphitheaters, so make sure you have your guest list ready before you choose a spot.

Here are some of my favorite Mt. Rainier elopement locations!

Fremont Fire Lookout

At 5.6 miles roundtrip, this trail is a little strenuous - but you’ll be rewarded with insane views of mountain peaks, and a meadow where you can often spot mountain goats and black bears. The fire lookout at the summit of the hike was originally built for forest service rangers to keep an eye out for fires, but today you can use it as a place to sit down and enjoy the view!

Naches Peak Loop Trail

The Naches Peak Loop Trail encompasses nearly every sight that you can find at Mt. Rainier National Park. It begins at an alpine lake, wanders through the forest and the wildflower meadows, and emerges to incredible views of the mountains in the distance. At 3.2 miles roundtrip and 700 feet of elevation gain, this is an excellent option for couples who want incredible views, without too strenuous of a hike!

Tipsoo Lake

This is an easily accessible, but stunning, spot for your Mt. Rainier elopement. There’s a short trail around the lake, which takes you through wildflower fields and pine trees, and incredible views of the mountain. As an added bonus, this is the beginning of the Naches Peak Loop Trail - so if you want an easily accessible spot for your guests, with the opportunity to go for a hike and spend some time along afterwards, this is the perfect spot!

Mt. Rainier Cabins

During your Mt. Rainier elopement, you’ll need a place to stay. Luckily, Mt. Rainier is known for the adorable cabins right outside the park! Little Owl Cabin is one of the most famous ones, and with its iconic A frame form, warm rustic atmosphere, and cedar hot tub, it makes the perfect place to relax after a day of adventures!

You can find more options for cabins here, ranging from 2 person tiny homes to large chalets that can fit you and your guests!

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Things to Do at Mt. Rainier National Park

Your elopement isn’t over once you say “I do.” The entire day is all about spending time together in the epic location you chose for your elopement, and having adventures to make this a day you’ll remember forever! Here are just a few things you can do at Mt. Rainier National Park.

Go Hiking

Of course, one of the park’s main attractions is hiking! You can choose from short jaunts through the woods, or intense treks across the ridgeline - or even make your elopement a multi-day celebration with a backpacking trip!

Ski or Snowboard

In the winter, when the park is covered in snow, you can snowshoe along the trails, or you can head to the Crystal Mountain Resort to hit the slopes! The resort even offers scenic gondola rides that will give you a bird’s eye view of Mt. Rainier National Park.


Thinking about getting high on your elopement day? No, not like that! You can actually take a hot air balloon up into the air, and marvel at Mt. Rainier from 4,000 feet off the ground! Your elopement day should be one you’ll remember forever, and this is certainly not an experience you’ll forget anytime soon.

A couple holds hands and laughs on their wedding day at Mt Rainier National Park

Mt. Rainier Elopement Packages

As an elopement photographer, I’ll join you on this unforgettable adventure - but the adventure doesn’t start in the park, it starts with planning your incredible elopement day. So I’ll be here to give you location recommendations, help you with permits and marriage licenses, create a timeline, and to cheer you on!

Contact me to learn about Mt. Rainier elopement packages, and if we vibe, I promise I’m a great third wheel ;)