Danielle & Jacob’s Gold Creek Pond Elopement

A Gold Creek Pond elopement was the perfect choice for Danielle and Jacob. They wanted a location that was classically Washington - lakes, trees, mountains, and all the things that make the state so beautiful!

These two weren’t planning on having a photographer for their elopement, but they stumbled upon my work and changed their minds. Which is just about the greatest compliment ever, but it also speaks to everything I believe in - that elopements are meaningful and special, and they deserve to be photographed just as you would document a big wedding; so that you can look back on the story of the day you got married.

The way that Danielle and Jacob spoke about their love as we emailed back and forth had me feeling butterflies for them - they’re romantic and downright poetic, finding so much joy in the little moments, and so much meaning in every experience. The way Danielle described their time together spent listening to the ocean's waves... I knew that this was going to be a beautiful bond to capture.

As a couple who values intimacy and intention, whose favorite memories together are the quiet moments spent in the outdoors, eloping in such a beautiful spot was a no brainer!

About Gold Creek Pond

Gold Creek Pond is located just under an hour east of Seattle, right off of I-90. The word “pond” is a bit of a misnomer, as it’s actually a stunning lake surrounded by mountains and pine trees! It’s incredibly easy to get to, and the trail from the parking lot is short and ADA accessible, making this a popular elopement destination in Washington state.

Around Gold Creek Pond, you’ll find a babbling brook, wildflowers that bloom in the spring, foliage that turns shades of red in the fall, and a gorgeous trail around the lake.

Gold Creek Pond Elopement Permits

One important thing to note if you’re dreaming of a Gold Creek Pond elopement of your own, is that there’s been a recent change to the permit rules. Due to the growing popularity of the location, as of 2021, we will need a permit to have & photograph your ceremony at Gold Creek Pond. The land is managed by the Okanogan Wenatchee National Forest, so you can contact them for your permits. (If you're a photographer reading this, you'll need one for any session you photograph here!)

A Forest Pass is also required to park at Gold Creek Pond - which is $5 per day, or $30 for an annual pass.

Danielle & Jacob’s Gold Creek Pond Elopement

Danielle and Jacob’s elopement was intimate with just a few guests - including “Noodle,” their adorably nicknamed baby bump. They invited their closest friends and Danielle’s family; Jacob’s family is in Norway, but they joined virtually to witness these two tying the knot!

They began with a first look, seeing each other in their wedding attire for the first time. When it was time for the ceremony, Danielle’s dad officiated, opening with “We are gathered here today, amongst the mountains and the trees,” paying homage to the gorgeous scenery that the couple fell in love with.

After the ceremony, this tight-knit group took to the grass for a picnic breakfast! It was cozy and decadent, and the perfect way to celebrate after the early morning wake-up call. After Danielle and Jacob fed each other their first bites of a cinnamon roll as a married couple, they took off along the trail for some alone time. I gave them a few minutes head start to soak in those precious moments alone as husband and wife, then met them along the path. I turned around a bend in the trail to find them perfectly framed amongst the greenery, just embracing each other and looking at Danielle's precious baby bump, and took some of my favorite shots of the day before they noticed I was there. Then we took a loop around Gold Creek Pond, taking photos in the sun, against the mountain backdrops, and in view of the gorgeous lake.

The couple made their getaway in their stunning red convertible, and the whole day was intimate, meaningful, and so perfectly them.

Eloping at Gold Creek Pond?

If you’re dreaming of your own Gold Creek Pond elopement amongst the pine trees and mountain tops, contact me! Let’s get to know each other and start planning your own special day :)