Elopement in Seattle - Best Seattle Elopement Locations

So, you're thinking about eloping in Seattle, but don't know where to start? You've come to the right place.

There are many beautiful places in the Pacific Northwest, but there are few as diverse and beautiful as Seattle and its surrounding areas. You may be wondering, “Where do I elope in Seattle?”

As an elopement photographer based in Seattle, many of my clients ask me what my favorite elopement locations are in the area.

Seattle has it all: dramatic waterfalls and mountains, serene forests, busy cityscapes, and more. Whatever you love, Seattle has a place to get married that features it.

There are quite a few beautiful places for an elopement in Seattle, so I’ve rounded up my top picks.

Here are my favorite places to elope in Seattle!

Best Seattle Elopement Locations

All of these locations are in Seattle proper or no more than 40 minutes away from Seattle. These are not just your parks and beaches but also an assortment of quirkier areas for the couple who want something different.

Golden Gardens Park

The Golden Gardens Park, though it is neither golden nor full of gardens, is a beautiful beachfront where you will get stunning views of the water and the mountains. It has fire pits, short trails, and an off-leash area for dogs. So if your dog is the best pup or puppy of honor, rest assured they’ll be welcomed here!

I've seen Golden Gardens in the sleet, rain, darkness, and sunshine, and I can tell you it's gorgeous in all types of weather. A beautiful option for your elopement in Seattle!

A young couple sits on a piece of driftwood on a cloudy day at the beach at their Seattle elopement

Olympic Sculpture Park

If you and your partner love artwork, then eloping in the Olympic Sculpture Park is for you. This beautiful park is nestled near Elliot Bay and is home to several stunning sculptures. It is big (9 acres), but not too big that you wouldn’t be able to see everything. Pick out a few of your favorite sculptures to take pictures in front of.

The Seattle Art Museum maintains Olympic Sculpture Park, and it is free and open to the public all year from sunrise to sunset.

Discovery Park

Discovery Park is the biggest park (500 acres!) in Seattle and has all that you could ask for in terms of scenery. If you want to take your elopement pictures in the forest, on the beach, near a lighthouse... this park has you covered.

If you're scoping out the park ahead of your elopement, check out the learning center. It has a bunch of interactive exhibits to help you learn more about this gorgeous piece of Seattle.

Snoqualmie Falls

Snoqualmie, Washington is about a 30-minute drive from Seattle. In Snoqualmie, you’ll find Snoqualmie Falls, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in all of Washington.

Once your pictures have been snapped at the bottom of the Snoqualmie Falls, stay in Snoqualmie for a couple of hours and take in the quaint town!

Seattle Japanese Garden

The Seattle Japanese Garden is one of the most beautiful Japanese gardens in the United States. In this unique garden, you’ll find turtle and koi ponds, lanterns, bridges, and even a waterfall.

This Seattle elopement location is perfect for couples who want to have a quiet Seattle elopement in nature.

Alki Beach

Are you ready for all of the beach vibes? You may recognize Alki Beach from the movie Sleepless in Seattle. Alki Beach is located in West Seattle and has tons of good restaurants nearby for after your nuptials.

There are also beautiful views of the Seattle skyline. Keep your eyes on the water, and you may even spot seals or whales!

On a Washington State Ferry

This is one of the more unique places where you can elope in Seattle. There are a few ferries in Washington, and one of them departs/arrives in downtown Seattle. These ferries will take you across Puget Sound to cities like Bremerton and islands like Bainbridge (scroll down to learn more about this island).

If you’re going to get married on one of the ferries, be sure to contact the Washington State Ferry System to let them know.

Hiram M. Chittenden Locks (Ballard Locks)

The Hiram Chittenden Locks are THE place to elope in Seattle if you love boats. These are some of the country’s busiest locks and is open to visitors from 7 AM PST to 9 PM PST. Along with the locks, there is a museum and Visitor Center.

After you get married, take some additional time to watch the boats or take a walking tour around the area.

Kerry Park

Kerry Park is located on the south side of Queen Anne Hill in Seattle and has breathtaking views of the Seattle Skyline. You’ll be able to see the Space Needle, Elliot Bay, and on a clear day, Mount Rainier. This is the smallest park on the list at only 1.26 acres, but the views it has are second to none.

Lake Union

Why not get married on this picturesque lake right in the middle of Seattle? On Lake Union, your pictures are not just limited to the beachfront. Lake Union was also made famous in Sleepless in Seattle with its numerous houseboats.

You can rent a boat for a few hours and take pictures there. You could also travel to the nearby Gas Works Park to take photos near the old Seattle Gas Light Company Plant for more of a steampunk vibe.

Bainbridge Island

Seattle has some of the most spectacular islands in the PNW. Bainbridge Island is a short 35-minute ferry trip from Downtown Seattle. If you get married on one of the Washington State Ferries, why not visit Bainbridge Island and take a couple of photos?

Bainbridge Island is a small community that has many bed and breakfasts as well as beautiful water views. You won’t be disappointed if you elope here!

Fremont District

The Fremont District has a lot of fun places to elope in like Fremont Rocket. But, the place you really want to be is the Aurora Bridge so that you can elope by the Fremont Troll. The Fremont Troll is a huge sculpture underneath the bridge. Your fairytale wedding needs a misunderstood troll, right?

The Microvenue

The Microvenue is literally built for your dream urban elopement (and can fit up to 8 guests for a "minimony"!) The owners were the first people to elope in their own place (how sweet!) and coordinate entire packages so you don't have to worry about a thing. And yes, you can get me as your photographer through them, as well!

The Space Needle

You didn’t think I’d forget about this one, did you? Yes, you can elope in the Space Needle! Eloping in the 605-foot-tall Space Needle will give you sweeping views of Seattle that very few locations can match. You may even catch a glimpse of Mount Rainier. Here you can take in one of Seattle’s most famous attractions and get married all in one.

Once you’ve said your vows, stay in the observation deck for a while to take in the views and have drinks and appetizers in the Loupe Lounge.

The Space Needle is in Seattle Center, so you’ll have lots of entertainment and dining options if you choose to eat a little closer to the ground.

As you can tell, there are plenty of places for a beautiful elopement in Seattle. The hard part is choosing between them! I personally love Discovery Park. There’s something about taking photographs in front of a lighthouse that is classically romantic.

What do you think about these Seattle elopement locations? I would love to help make your Seattle elopement magical and memorable. Click here to learn more about my Seattle elopement packages! Not sure if elopement is for you? Check out the five reasons why you should elope.

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