My Summer Mt. Baker Wedding | Our Dream Elopement Day

Looking back at my own Mt. Baker wedding day, it’s hard to believe that it was real. Hard to believe just how perfect it was; how wonderful, how fulfilling, how magical. I talk a lot about how your elopement day is the best day of your life, and I’ve always believed in that fully, but I had no idea just how true it could be. So here’s a breakdown of my elopement– including what my planning process looked like, who I hired, how long it took to plan, and how it all came together– so that you can plan your own incredible Mt. Baker wedding.

Planning a Mt. Baker Wedding

It might not surprise you to know that our photos were a top priority! So once we were ready to get engaged, that was our biggest decision to make. Some people pick their venue first, some people plan around a date, but we planned around the Foxes. Gabi & Brandon were some of the very first photographers I followed when I started my professional Instagram account, and to be very nerdy with you, they’re a huge part of what inspired me to move out west and specialize in adventure elopements. After dipping my toes into the wedding world in South Florida, I saw photos of happy couples in the mountains and I said, “That looks way better.”

The Foxes’ work shines in their backyard; the American Alps. North Cascades National Park is one of the least-visited parks in the US, but is also indisputably one of the most beautiful. From turquoise alpine lakes to wildflower-covered hillsides, rocky peaks and massive landscapes, the Cascade Mountains epitomize the beauty of living in the Pacific Northwest.

But beyond the jaw-dropping majesty of the Cascades, it would also be a special experience for us. It’d bring our families to our new home for the first time, all together. We’d get to show off our incredible state to our favorite people, and show them where our hearts lie. We are absolutely in love with Washington, and we wanted to make our vows to each other here. We picked the date based on when Gabi & Brandon were available 😉

Mt. Baker Wedding Vendors

Looking for some Mt. Baker wedding vendors? Here’s every small business that was involved in our wedding day!

Photographers: The Foxes Photography

Elopement Officiant: Another One Ties the Knot

Hair & Makeup Artist: Anne Timss Makeup & Hair

Cabin: Mt. Baker Hygge Hus

Flowers: Brier & Ivy

Charcuterie: Graze and GatherCake: Seatown SweetsCookies: Morgan G Co

Gown: Viero BridalTailor: Europeo TailorBoots: Thesus OutdoorsHeadpiece & Earrings: Rosy Stone IncTie: DAZI

Rings: Princess Bride Diamonds; Rose Anvil

Mugs: OdyseaPainted Vinyl: The Veronica ScriptsPainted Postcard: Jenna LechnerVow Books: Way Out West Leather

If you want a super simple elopement, then of course, your vendor list doesn’t have to be quite so long! But I’ve always loved the little details of weddings, the personalized touches that makes it feels so special for you and your partner. I wanted to cut a cake and pop champagne and give our guests something to remember the day by. I kept it fairly minimal for an intimate wedding in the interest of sustainability– there were no invitations, no catered meal, no printed signage or decor outside of some flowers– but still got to feel like I designed something beautiful.

Mt. Baker Wedding Timeline

Wedding Planning Timeline

We started putting plans in motion before we were really engaged. But we knew it was coming soon, and we knew our photographers’ schedule would fill up fast, so we inquired a month or two before the proposal actually happened. (So if you’re wondering if you need to wait for a ring to reach out to your dream team, the answer is no!)

Some things we took our time with– I went dress shopping in January (3+ months after planning started, 7 months before our date), we didn’t order our charcuterie boards until the week before (oops), and we did a ton of research into our accommodations before we booked those, too. So while it’s definitely worth inquiring with your favorite vendors as soon as you know you’re interested, there’s also no need to panic if you’re trying to put something together a bit more last-minute! Things will always come together, one way or another.

Wedding Day Timeline

We knew how we wanted our elopement day to feel– exciting and intimate and fun, but also relaxed. Nobody elopes to add stress to their lives!

We worked with our photographers to make sure our timeline would fit in everything that mattered while leaving in plenty of room for error– er, I mean, spontaneity. This meant working backwards from sunset to account for golden hour portraits, hiking time, our picnic “reception”, ceremony, first looks, and getting those sweet getting ready moments on camera with our families!

In reflecting back on my day as both a bride and a photographer, I often consider how things might’ve been different if we chose to budget instead of splurge on certain things. The most obvious example of which being photography– and I won’t even get into the value of hiring a seasoned, professional, talented photographer, just the amount of coverage!

It was so wonderful to have the Foxes meet us at our cabin. Not only did they capture precious moments, portraits, and detail shots that I’ll always cherish, but it was also nice to be able to get into the swing of things! I tried to imagine what our day would’ve been like if we had simply met our photographers at our ceremony site, and the thought feels ridiculous! “Hi, nice to finally meet you, time to walk down down the aisle”? Meeting at our cabin gave us a chance to hug and introduce them to our families and get used to being on that side of the camera. It was so surreal at first, going through the motions that I’ve experienced a hundred times, except I was the one being photographed? I just kept giggling hysterically! I was definitely glad to get those jitters out before it came time for our big moment.

Mt. Baker Wedding Gallery

Drum roll, please…. here it is; a pretty comprehensive peek into our elopement day. Below, you’ll see our families, our joy, our wonder, our excitement. You’ll see the details that we put together with care, the moments that we couldn’t have planned or imagined, and us experiencing the most beautiful views we’ve ever seen. With all my heart, enjoy.


Thanks for sharing your beautiful day! It looks like pure magic from beginning to end. Love the flowers, your flower crown, all the colors and majestic mountains, but most of all the pure joy on everyone’s faces. Congratulations!


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