Kubota Gardens Maternity Shoot with Hailey & Derek

I love everything about photographing elopements — they’re my main focus and light my heart up! But there’s something so special about maternity photoshoots. The excitement of being on the brink of such a life-changing experience, and having your love by your side through it all like Hailey and Derek, makes documenting this special season so precious. This couple joined me at Kubota Gardens in Seattle on a sunny, warm day in May for a dreamy maternity session. 

Hailey and Derek

These two got married in 2020, and this is their first child together, a little sibling for Derek’s older daughter! They’re so excited to be welcoming a baby girl to their family. It’s hard to put into words why taking photos during pregnancy is so special. For Hailey and Derek, there was excitement, shyness, and a dreamy aura around their planning and anticipation for having a baby. As a lot of couples can agree, there are nerves alongside the feeling of just not being able to wait another second for the arrival of a tiny new human! Hailey and Derek spent their session with me in Kubota Gardens really being present with one another, soaking up the time they had left with each other before their daughter changed their world. 

Kubota Gardens

This beautiful Seattle location is open every day, year round. Both parking and visiting are free, making it a great place to have a little date night, or a maternity session like Hailey and Derek! Personally, I think the garden is a perfect place for having a picnic. The Japanese inspiration here is a privilege to get to see and learn about. And, every season gives you a different experience! In the fall, the changing colors of the leaves are stunning. Even on foggy days, the Kubota Garden is a gorgeous spot. 

Hailey and Derek smile on the lawn at Kubota Gardens.
Hailey holds her belly, the sun shining down on her, at her maternity shoot in the Kubota Gardens.
Hailey and Derek share a kiss during their maternity shoot at Kubota Gardens.
Black and white photo, Hailey looks at the camera, holding her belly, during maternity shoot at Kubota Gardens.
Hailey and Derek hold hands and walk down the path at Kubota Gardens.
Derek smiles at Hailey while she smiles at the camera in the Kubota Gardens.
Derek kisses Hailey on the cheek in the Kubota Gardens.
Close up of Hailey holding her belly, wearing a white dress in Kubota Gardens.
Hailey stands among the flowers at Kubota Gardens.
Hailey smiles and rests on an old bench at Kubota Gardens.
Derek kisses Hailey's shoulder on a bench in Kubota Gardens.

Curious about having your own maternity shoot? Reach out to me here — I’m available for elopements, maternity, and more!


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