Glam & Moody Artist Point Elopement at Mt. Baker

It can be risky to come to the PNW from afar for your elopement, since you never really know what the weather will be like, especially if you’re *really* set on getting certain views  – but wow did Brandi & Jordan luck out with the most phenomenal day for their elopement! Cotton candy skies over the mountains as the sun set, lush greens galore, a little bit of PNW mood, and a little bit of sunshine here and there. . . what more could you want? They truly got it ALL for their glam & moody Artist Point elopement, and I can’t wait to show you the magic it resulted in!

Brandi & Jordan’s Artist Point Elopement 

A month-long road trip from Louisiana

Brandi and Jordan road tripped alllll the way from Louisiana for their elopement, with Washington being the midpoint of their month-long trip. Talk about dedication – they were so ready for an adventure, and they sure got a beautiful one! When you travel from far away hoping for a perfect PNW day, it can be a big risk, like I mentioned before, so I always recommend having realistic expectations in place before the day arrives. I know that Brandi and Jordan would have made the best of any weather, but man did they luck out with one of the most beautiful days.

(On that note, make sure you check out my blog post about How to Embrace “Bad” Weather On Your Elopement Day – a must-read if you’re eloping in the PNW!)

There were so many small parts of this day that made it special, starting with the fact that a few days before their elopement, they actually made their rings together in Seattle. Such a cool way to make your wedding rings extra meaningful and totally unique!

Brandi also brought along a vintage Polaroid Land 240 camera that she got from her grandpa, and it was so special to be able to take photos on that throughout the day. I love love when couples incorporate special items or traditions like this that mean a lot to them + their lives! And not only did we shoot on this film camera – because Brandi and Jordan loved film so much, I made sure to get a bunch of snaps on two of my own film cameras. There were at least three Polaroids and Instax cameras floating around throughout the day, plus another film camera or two at the cabin. I had a blast shooting on all different kinds of media, and they also got to have fun snapping pics on the Polaroids with their guests!

A breathtaking elopement brunch at their cabin

I’m a sucker for a good tablescape, so you bet my jaw was on the damn grass when I saw Brandi and Jordan’s gorgeous brunch setup. Miere Catering did the most phenomenal job crafting a stunning environment for the couple & their guests to enjoy a delicious brunch, featuring a beautiful tablescape in the backyard of the cabin they were staying in. 

Situated right next to a massive, whimsical willow tree, the tablescape was absolutely bursting with vibrant blooms & rich colors; everything in shades of purple, pink, and gold to make for the dreamiest glam color palette! And not only did this brunch LOOK spectacular – it tasted spectacular, too. Brandi and Jordan had the most incredible selection of food spread out for their guests to enjoy, including one cake for brunch & one for later. She even wore a cute brunch outfit so that her wedding dress would still be kept a surprise until later!

The perfect mix of glam, moody, & vibrant

One thing I adored from Brandi and Jordan’s elopement was the way that they weren’t afraid to combine different moods to create something totally unique. Oftentimes when couples think about their wedding “theme” or “vibe,” they feel like they have to stick to one thing: glam OR casual. Vibrant OR moody. Bold & bright OR classy & timeless. But I’ll let you in on a lil’ secret: there are zero rules, so you can combine themes however the hell you want! 

Brandi and Jordan didn’t want to choose between glam & edgy, so they threw in a little bit of both throughout different parts of their day. The brunch tablescape was filled with bright pinks and purples to add that pop of color, with a little gold thrown in there to elevate it just a tad! And Washington clearly wanted to help them out that day, because they got ALL sorts of weather: bright & sunny as well as cloudy & moody, all of which went perfectly with the vibrant-yet-edgy theme. 

Their outfits perfectly brought out this theme as well, Brandi in a gorgeous, glam wedding gown with moody makeup and Jordan in a deep blue suit with a black tie & black earrings (and a pop of color in his boutonniere). Why choose when you can have it all? 😉

(Hair & makeup creds go to Elizabeth White Artistry!)

A teary-eyed first look + ceremony at Mt. Baker

Brandi and Jordan weren’t originally planning to see each other in their wedding attire until their ceremony, but we ended up heading to Heather Meadows for a spur-of-the-moment first look. Consider this your reminder that you can absolutely change your mind on the big day if something you planned doesn’t feel right! 

After a few sweet moments in private together, we made our way right down to the ceremony spot, which is one of my personal favorite spots at Artist Point. The vibrant blue water & gorgeous greens in the backdrop are absolutely breathtaking! When it came time to exchange vows, Jordan couldn’t even begin reading his because he started to cry too much. So they skipped the vows entirely so that they could read them in private later and not have to sob during the ceremony! This meant that the ceremony was fairly short, but so sweet, especially as they were surrounded by their loved ones. We went right into family photos from there, which reminds me of one of the most adorable parts of the day: all the little kids were running around, and one was a designated videographer with a camcorder, who took her job very seriously. It was the cutest!!

Dreamy golden hour elopement portraits at Artist Point

They said their goodbyes to family after we wrapped up family portraits, and then it was time for a little adventure around the mountain! Brandi and Jordan explored the trail around the meadow for a while before heading up to Artist Point, where they really wanted a beautiful mix of greenery & rocky scenery. We got just that, along with a gorgeous mix of sunny & moody weather that made for the perfect green background! It was the most classic PNW backdrop you could’ve asked for, alternating between being drenched in sunshine & boasting those lush, deep greens under the clouds. 

Artist Point always offers spectacular scenery, but it was especially showing off that night with a really long, gorgeous golden hour. The sun kept creeping below the mountains in the distance, so once we “lost” the sun we would just climb a little higher to find it again! We got our moodier weather once the sun sank below the elevated horizon line and the clouds rolled in to cover up Shuksan, making way for the best sunset I have EVER seen up there. 

We reached our final destination and literally got to watch the clouds part & the sun come out to cast the most gorgeous alpenglow on Shuksan – it was absolutely breathtaking! I truly could not believe how lucky Brand and Jordan were to get the full range of weather and mood that the PNW mountains have to offer: heat, chill, sunshine, clouds, moodiness, colors, and a spectacular sunset filled with glowy oranges, pinks, & purples that perfectly fit their color scheme. It was the most incredible way to end the night with these two newlyweds!

Once again, shoutouts go out to Miere Catering & Elizabeth White Artistry for being SO talented and helping make Brandi & Jordan’s day amazing!

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A bride and groom look up at Mt. Baker during a pink sunset at the viewpoint from their Artist Point elopement

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