Engagement Photos at Mt. Rainier

With the wildflowers, pine forests, and of course – the snow capped mountain peak, Mt. Rainier National Park is an absolutely stunning location for engagement photos, or for an elopement. During their session, Morgan and Akshay and I explored the trail, stopping at the picturesque lake to marvel at the mountain poking through in the backdrop. Their engagement photos at Mt. Rainier had us all laughing the whole time – their joy was contagious, and the love they share was just so tangible in all the inside jokes, big smiles, and endless giggles!

A couple stands next to each other while they take their engagement photos at mt. rainier
A cute mixed couple takes their engagement photos at mt. rainier

The Best Time for Mt. Rainier Engagement Photos

Morgan and Akshay’s engagement session was in August – and as you can see, the trail is snow free! The best time for engagement photos at Mt. Rainier will depend on the couple, because the experience you get with each season is totally different.

Weather is dramatic in the mountains – which means that for most of the year, the national park is mostly snowed in. The snow usually starts to fall in late October, and roads close around November – with the exception of the road from the Nisqually entrance to Longmire, which stays open year round. The road from Longmire to Sunrise closes nightly, but reopens after it’s been plowed. In especially harsh conditions, these roads can close – but having your engagement photos at Mt. Rainier taken in the winter is perfect if you love snow, and ensures you won’t see as many people.

A man leads his wife over a small wooden bridge for their engagement photos at Mt. Rainier National Park
A couple holds hands in the trees at Mt. Rainier
A woman holds the skirt of a long red dress while smiling over her shoulder at her fiancé
A man kisses his fiancee passionately at Mt. Rainier National Park

The snow begins to melt and roads reopen starting in May, so late spring can be a good time for an engagement session too! The lower elevation areas are great to explore as the weather warms up a little, but higher elevations will stay snow covered until about mid July.

In July and August, you can often see the wildflower meadows in bloom, which makes for some gorgeous engagement photos! Higher elevation trails will be mostly snow free, but there are some parts (like the peak of Mt. Rainier) that are snowy year round. For most couples, summer is the best time for engagement photos at Mt. Rainier National Park, and early fall, before it starts to snow can be great too!

A couple has their arms around each other while they look towards Mt. Rainier for their engagement photos
A woman cuddles up against her fiancee while smiling coyly at the camera, with Mt. Rainier in the background

What to Expect From an Engagement Session at Mt. Rainier National Park

I don’t like forced poses or fake smiles – I’m all about using the energy and chemistry you both have to capture who the two of you are together! Whether you’re giggly like Morgan and Akshay, or more artsy and reserved, I’ll guide you through the session in a way that fits your personality – so that when you look back at your photos, you remember how much fun you had, and you see yourselves the way you truly are.

I’ll be your hype girl while we have fun and explore the park, soaking in the incredible views. I want you to forget the camera’s even there, and help you focus on the moment and cherish the time spent together, celebrating the post-engagement, pre-wedding bliss!

If you’re thinking about taking your own engagement photos at Mt. Rainier National Park, let me know!


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