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these pictures make me smile every time I look at them– that's what I want to give to you


This one doesn't just bring back feelings of New York City in springtime with my love, it also brings back the memory of getting dolled up together to go on this date to giggle and kiss and twirl the whole time.

And it makes the imagine the day that I'll show this picture to my kids, and maybe they'll love it as much as I love this picture of my parents! Will they laugh at how young I look, how long my hair is? Will they think my outfit is dated, or retro?

Greenwich Village, 2020
Disney World, 1989


- I'm based in Seattle, Washington and include all of my minimal travel costs in 3 different packages; local, semi-local, and nationwide

- I most often photograph couples and events, but please feel free to inquire regarding branding, portrait, boudoir, senior, maternity, family, and commercial work

- You can expect a response from me within 48 hours; if you don't, please email marlamanesphotography@gmail.com to ensure it made it to my inbox!

- And yes, I'd love to help you decide what to wear! 

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