The Best Locations for Seattle Engagement Photos

Whether you’re newly engaged or it’s been a couple of months, I’m sure you’re deep in the whirlwind of a million little things that are now on your plate — making wedding decisions, celebrating with your partner and your families and friends, researching all about wedding planning, making Pinterest boards. And if you’ve landed here, you’re also working on having your engagement photos taken here in Seattle! 

There are lots of places that make for the perfect session location for your engagement photos, especially in Western Washington. Whether you opt for epic outdoor views or a cozy indoor space, there are endless options. We’ll walk through my favorites and why they’re great for engagement photos here. 

Outdoor Seattle Engagement Photos Locations

I personally love the opportunity to show off the scenery and the Seattle sights during engagement sessions. If this is you, too, then this list of outdoor locations in Seattle will be perfect for your engagement photos! 

Pike Place Market

This is a CLASSIC Seattle location! It’s an iconic spot and while it can get quite busy at times, there’s no place more quintessentially Seattle. Visit Post Alley, Old Stove Brewery for a drink on the waterfront, the ‘roof’/overlook of the water above the market, and of course, the front of the market for the light up sign. 

Some extra tips: Pike Place has a conveniently located parking garage that you can use to get here. The public transit system also has a stop on 3rd Avenue and Pine Street. The rail station stop is just four blocks away. In nice weather, you can also bike to the market and lock your bike up before exploring.

Gas Works Park

Gas Works Park is great if you want a view of the Seattle skyline. Lots of grassy areas are perfect for a little picnic setup! This spot is not super busy, so it will be comfortable for a classic engagement session. 

Gas Works is on the north shore of Lake Union in the Wallingford neighborhood. There is a parking lot and street parking available, as well as three parking garages within easy walking distance. 

A man and woman lean across a blanket and kiss each other with a Harry Potter board game in front of them, the Seattle skyline in the background of their engagement photo

Kubota Gardens

This is my favorite location for lots of color and variety. I shot a maternity session at Kubota that you can check out here to see more about what it’s like. This is the only botanical garden on my list, so if you’re looking for a lush location, this is the one!

This garden is Japanese-inspired, with lots of rare and beautiful plant life. It’s located in the Rainier Beach area of Seattle, between Renton and South Seattle. Both parking and visiting are free!

Golden Gardens

The perfect engagement photos location in Seattle for a beachy session! Even though this is a popular location, it’s a big area, so there will be plenty of privacy near the water for some amazing photos. 

Golden Gardens is located in the Ballard neighborhood. Parking here is free, and if the lot is full you will be able to street park. 

You can see more from Golden Gardens here. 

Pioneer Square

If the rugged outdoor or lush plant looks aren’t really your style for engagement photos in Seattle, Pioneer Square fits the bill for something more urban and cool! I like Pioneer Square especially because of the cobblestone and brick streets. This area is Seattle’s original downtown, so the history here is amazing. Today, it’s a trendy neighborhood with lots of good food, bars, and art galleries. 

There’s paid street parking and garages in the neighborhood, so where you park might be dependent on your exact location for taking photos!

Discovery Park

If you’re undecided about the landscape you want for outdoor engagement photos in Seattle, then pick Discovery Park! This place has it all. Are you looking for open, grassy fields? Rocky beaches? A lighthouse? Forest vibes? A light hike? Cliffs? It’s all here! It’s a HUGE park though, so be prepared with some specific locations in mind before you go so you know which parking lot will get you close. 

There is an east, south, and north parking lot. They are all free to park in. Discovery Park is located on the shores of the Puget Sound, looking out toward Bainbridge Island.

Kerry Park

Kerry Park is great for a classic view of the Seattle skyline in an urban environment. It is very popular for proposals since it’s so iconic! Though it’s a very, very small park, there are a few spots to explore and I can still easily fill an hour of portrait time with you and your love!

Kerry Park is on the slope of the Queen Anne hill, overlooking downtown. Street parking in the neighborhood is free!

A man wraps his arms around his new fiance at Kerry Park in Seattle, both smiling at the camera for their Seattle engagement photos

Downtown (rooftops)

Some of my favorite Seattle sessions have been in parking garages! The rooftop of a garage anywhere near downtown is an amazing high fashion vibe for engagement photos. It’s unexpected but really beautiful, and very fun to play around with. 

I have a rooftop engagement session here that you can check out for some inspiration and ideas. 

Indoor Seattle Engagement Photos Locations

Studios are great for a more editorial look to your engagement photos. If you want something unique, or even a little edgy, you’re going to want to book a studio! The possibilities are endless since the space can be somewhat of a blank slate for you to create with. 

Northlight Studio

Northlight has 4 spaces that are full of bright, natural light. Each space gets sunlight at different times of day, so you can get a bunch of different feelings. Northlight is located in the International District on 6th Avenue, not far from Lumen Field. 

Olive Seattle

This studio space is located in Pioneer Square, which is a cute location to also pop down and take some outdoor photos! Olive features big windows, rustic brick walls, and fun mid-century modern furniture and accents. 

Your Home/Apartment

Your home is the perfect location for engagement photos in Seattle for a cozy and sentimental feel. Why not capture your love where it lives? Where it grows and deepens every day? You can make this very sweet and comfortable (make coffee together, snuggle on the couch), editorial and cool (put on some records and let your photographer bring out your model side) or even a little steamy — couples boudoir, anyone?

Other Locations to Consider Nearby

If Seattle-proper locations aren’t speaking to you for your engagement photos, a little adventure outside the city can be perfect, too. Here’s a couple of my favorites that are a reasonable drive away.

Gold Creek Pond

A well-loved location for engagement photos near Seattle, elopements, and adventure sessions! The trail around Gold Creek Pond is ADA-accessible as well, and this spot can look amazing in the warm or cold months. 

Check out an elopement I did at Gold Creek Pond here. 

Rattlesnake Lake

Rattlesnake Lake is one of the more unique locations I’ve been to. The water levels differ at different times of year, which means you can see the old tree stumps either exposed or partially covered depending on when you come. The sunsets here are gorgeous, and the rugged mountain feel is perfect for an adventure. 

Snoqualmie Falls

Just a short drive east on I-90 gets you to Snoqualmie Falls at the top of the pass. If you’ve never visited the iconic waterfall, there’s no better time than for your engagement photos! And there’s more than just the falls, too. This area has great hiking trails, free parking, and is open all day. The food can be pretty good, too!

Tips for Seattle Engagement Photos

Here in Seattle, it will always pay off to be over-prepared for your engagement photos. 

  • Based on the season, pack layers! Be ready for rain, and be sure to talk to your photographer about a potential backup plan.
  • Don’t rule out visiting multiple locations! Especially in a place like Discovery Park or Pioneer Square, there may be multiple spots with different scenery to take photos. 
  • Bring an outfit change! This is a fun way to show off all sides of your personality, and get more variety out of your shoot. 
  • Your Seattle engagement photos don’t have to be cute smiles in a green field. Think about a themed, styled, or editorial session. Want to rent a car? Dress up in vintage? Have a fancy picnic? Your engagement photos are a reflection of you and your partner, and they should be as fun and funky as you want them to be. 

Looking for more locations that might not be on this list? Ready to plan at one of these Seattle engagement photos spots? Reach out to me here — I’d be honored to help you put together your shoot, and photograph you and your love in this exciting new season of life. 


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