Backyard Micro Wedding – Lucas & Katy’s Elopement with Family

Getting married in the backyard of a home that’s sentimental to you (like a parent or grandparent’s house), is so special, and an incredible way to tie the knot! Lucas and Katy celebrated with their families, throwing an intimate backyard micro wedding at their grandparents’ house. A lot of their family members were meeting for the very first time, and it was such a joyful, happy occasion! Everything about their day was perfect for them – sweet, fun, and an incredible celebration where everyone felt right at home.

Their Backyard Micro Wedding

Lucas and Katy set up a Polaroid camera so that their guests could document the moment, and their grandparents’ property was decorated with string lights, flowers, and little details to make the woodsy landscape even more gorgeous!

Katy’s hair and makeup ran late, but once she arrived, it was time to get the party started! They had a beautiful ceremony amongst the towering trees and lush greenery of the backyard, and once the knot was tied, the newlyweds and I took off for some portraits.

The two of them really soaked in the moment, enjoying that “whew, we did it!” feeling before returning to their families for the reception.

Everyone celebrated with toasts and cake, their two families spending time together before their gorgeous backyard micro wedding came to an end and the couple went to the inn!

Tips for a Backyard Micro Wedding

If you’re thinking of planning your own backyard micro wedding, it can be an amazing, meaningful way to tie the knot! Here are some tips for making it all come together.

Talk to the Neighbors

After you’ve decided where you’ll host your wedding (whether it’s your backyard or a family member’s), make sure to talk to the neighbors! Just letting them know your plans can prevent any conflict – noise likely won’t be an issue with a small wedding, but make sure the neighbors are aware that there might be some more cars, and some hustle and bustle going on.

Have a Rain Plan

Especially here in Washington, it’s important to be prepared for rain! But no matter where you are, there’s a possibility that the weather won’t cooperate. Make sure you have a plan for inclement weather – whether that means moving the celebration inside, having umbrellas for your guests, or renting a tent! Renting a canvas tent is always a good idea – it can be a rain cover, can provide shade, and gives you a nice reception space.  

Hire a Photographer for Your Backyard Micro Wedding

I believe that a photographer is maybe your single most important investment for your wedding day– so if you’re planning a backyard micro wedding, reach out to a professional! 

My job is to be your guide throughout the planning process, and I’ll give you tips, be there for advice, and help you navigate this sometimes-stressful but always exciting part of your life. And of course, I’ll document the entire thing! 

Contact me to start planning your backyard micro wedding!


Gorgeous photos! I love all the personal details and the bathtub photos are amazing!!

Backyard weddings are always the best – you captured Lucas and Katy’s wedding beautifully. Love that you also included helpful tips for a backyard micro wedding!

You captured this backyard microwedding beautifully! I love seeing the emotion from the day in the photos.

Beautiful! Love how you captured this wonderful backyard wedding day. 🙂 Absolutely love it!

I love that they got married in their grandparents back yard. How nostalgic and intimate.

THIS!!! Is how you do a backyard wedding right. So much elegance to what looks like the perfect wedding day. Great capture

ALL OF THIS!!!!! I adore backyard weddings. these photos are amazing and capture exactly why eloping is amazing….because it’s all about the couple and whatever means the most to them!!! Thanks for sharing these tips!


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