Washington State Elopement Photographer

that's me, marla

 You'll catch me with my   biggest smiles when I'm   traveling & photographing.

And obviously, I try to combine the two as often as I can!

More about me in 100 words or less:

     - I'm a memory hoarder; I have almost 100,000 photos saved on my


     - I'm a Nikon girl because I grew up stealing my parents' Nikons–            which they started collecting in the '70s

     - I'm a dog person but I'm obsessed with my black cat, Parsley

     - I can name every country in the world, and also recite Hamilton


South Florida Elopement Photographer | Broward County Sunset


I grew up in sunny South Florida, where my love for photography first began. Living on a lake offered incredible sunsets for my viewing pleasure, and as reds and purples and oranges and pinks streaked across the sky in winter, when the lake was still and became a mirror for dusk's rainbows, I felt this really intense desire to document it, so I could always come back to the beauty.


Sunsets really sparked it all for me. I feel a sense of peace, of wonder, of gratitude, of joy, and ever since I got my first camera, a little sense of responsibility to capture the moment for Future Marla to enjoy or share.

South Florida Elopement Photographer | Broward County Sunset


And I create an experience for my clients that I'd want if I were in their shoes–one that involves natural posing, easy-going sessions, and beautiful photos that create a memory. I cherish these amazing little reminders of other lives that we've lived, showing us our youth, our triumphs, our happinesses. Sometimes, we share that with someone to show them a little bit more about who we are. Sometimes, we just look at them and smile. That's what I want for you♥

let's get to know each other

I studied sustainability at the University of Florida

I listen to most anything, but my favorite artists are all indie (pop, rock, folk- I don't discriminate)

I lived in Denmark for a semester– I studied abroad in Copenhagen and I loved everything about living in Scandinavia

I eat Thai food more than anything! I've been to Thailand a couple of times, so the food gets points for taste AND nostalgia

I want to do everything, all of the time. I grew up singing and dancing and playing soccer and tennis and doing musical theater and marching band and serving on the executive boards for all 6 clubs that I was a part of in high school. I'm.. a bit of an overachiever (you'll thank me for it later!)

washington elopement photographer - marl

travel schedule

subject to current travel guidelines

MARCH 2021         - SOUTH FLORIDA 

APRIL 2021            - SOUTH FLORIDA

                                   JOSHUA TREE, CA

MAY 2021               - OREGON

                                   GLACIER NP

JUNE 2021              - FLORIDA KEYS

JULY 2021              - BIG ISLAND, HAWAII




washington elopement photographer - marl